Learn about the platform through a number of videos that have been created for it. These videos include the latest changes and new features that have been added to the platform.


  1. Getting Started
  2. Latest Platform Changes

Getting Started

Are you new to the platform? Watch the introduction video below to understand what is, and how it can help you, or your business.

Introduction to

Latest Platform Changes

Learn about the latest changes that have been made to the platform. You can also find all videos at the platform's YouTube Channel.

Updates #15 - Listen/Unlisten And Tag People in Conversations

Updates #14 - Sortable Lines In Sales Order, Purchase Order, Invoice Records

Updates #13 - The News Feed and Personal Feeds

Updates #12 - Connecting With People Using Invitation Codes

Updates #11 - View/Export Organisation Products and Unique Pricing For Customer Accounts

Updates #10 - New Navigation Menus - Contact And Connected Organisation Searching

Updates #9 - Invoice Credit Card Payments For Businesses

Updates #8 - PHP API library for integrating websites - Product Stock Availability When Purchasing

Updates #7 - Retrieving Data From Connected Organisations - Data Sharing Policies

Updates #6 - Pushing Purchase Orders To Suppliers - Help and Documentation Centre

Updates #5 - Contact Introductions - Conversation Notification Grouping

Updates #4 - Integrated Freight Ordering With SmartFreight

Updates #3 - Mobile apps for Android and iOS devices

Updates #2 - Converting purchase orders into supplier organisation sales orders

Updates #1 - Organisation Issue Followers - Embed Pages and Videos into Feed Posts