Organisation Trust Level

Each organisation registered on the platform will be set a "Trust Level" status that helps people to determine if an organisation is being legitimately represented, and whether it can be trusted to connect, interact and trade with. The platform offers a service to verify an organisation, allowing for background and government checks to be performed. Once these checks have passed then an organisation can be marked as trusted. The trust level is in indicator to help indicate to people of a trust worthy organisation, however it is not a guarantee that an organisation will act and behave honourably and should be used as a guide only.


  1. Prerequisites
  2. Overview
  3. Request To Become A Trusted Organisation



The platform allows people signed up to register any organisation in the platform. Once registered an organisation's "Trust Level" will be initially set to Unverified and Untrusted. This Trust Level helps all people using the platform to know if an organisation is who it says it is, or is fictitious and may be being impersonated illegitimately by others. Administrators of an organisation can elect to submit a Trust Level request to have verify an organisation, and once verified the organistation's Trust Level will be set to "Verified and Trusted". This trusted level can help people and other organisations to have confidence when dealing with an organisation.

Trust Level - Verified and Trusted

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Trust Level - Unverified and Untrusted

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Request To Become A Trusted Organisation

To submit a Trust Level request for an organisation you be set as an administrator of that organisation. Additionally the following settings of the organisation must be set (these can be set by following the steps in Modify Organistaion Settings):

  • About Long
  • About Short
  • Authority Number
  • Legal Name

Additionally the organisation must have enough trading tokens to pay for the trust request. The cost for this can be found on the Trading Tokens and Pricing document.

Follow these steps to submit a Trust Level request for an organisation:

  1. Login to the platform from the Home page or mobile app.
  2. Click on the Organisations menu button in the main navigation bar (for small screen devices click on the menu icon first to bring up the main navigation bar).
  3. Scroll through your connected organisations and find the organisation you wish to submit a trust request for.
  4. Click on the Profile button.
  5. Within the organisation profile click within the About section, click on the Become Trusted button.
  6. In the Organisation Trust Request dialog choose Yes in the confirm drop down to confirm that you are the owner of the organisation, or have authority within the executive team of the organisation to have the organisation verified.
  7. In the Position Title textbox type in the title of the position you hold within the organisation.
  8. In the Organisation Phone Number textbox type in the phone number that can be called to speak with the owner or a person in the executive team who can verify the organisation. This phone number will be verified as well.
  9. Click on the Image File button and select an image file to upload that will verify the organisation. This image needs to show a certificate issued by the government authority in the country that organisation is registered to in its settings. For example in Australia this image could show a company registration certificate issued by ASIC.
  10. Click on the Send button to send the request.

The platform will then check the Trust Level verification request that all information about the organisation has been set, and that the Legal Name and Authority Number of the organisation match with records within the appropriate government's databases. For Australlia this is the Australian Business Register. Only when this check succeeds will the platform accept the verification request, deduct trading tokens costs, then begin to formally verify the organisation. If the verification process succeeds then a notification will be sent to the administrator people of the organisation advising that the organisation is now trusted, additionally the organisation's Trust Level will be updated to Verified and Trusted. If the verification fails the organisation's Trust Level will remain unchanged and a notification will be sent to administrators of the organisation to advise of the failed verification. will do all it can to check and successfully verify an organisation, however there are no guarentees that an organisation will pass verification checks, nor will trading tokens be refunded for failed verifications. Employees of may attempt to contact executive personel within the organisation via phone to verify the organisation.