The platform provides a number of benefits to both you as in individual using the platform in your personal life, for you in your professional working life, for businesses of all sizes trading and working online, as well as for Information Technology (IT) professionals, software providers and software developers.

Below view the benefits that the provides to you, business, and the IT community.


  1. What Can Do For You
  2. What Can Do For Business
  3. What Can Do For IT Professionals
  4. What Can Do For Software Providers and Developers

What Can Do For You

  • Connect and communicate with friends, family, work colleagues, business associates, acquiantences all in the one place, in a safe and secure way.
  • Get rid of spam and the horrors of using Email to communicate every day for personal or business life.
  • Organise and group conversations, giving context and meaning to each conversation.
  • Organise and group your contacts in meaningful ways, with you being able to decide on the personal information you share with each group.
  • No Advertising! Don't get distracted by advertisers trying to sell content that is irrelevant to  you in a social network platform. Focus only on what is important.
  • Connect with new people and organisations, and stay notified of what's going on by following their feeds.
  • Receive notifications related to your personal life, and work life all in a central location with clear separation of both aspects.
  • Have your current and past educational studies and employment verified by the associated organisations, allowing you to demonstrate your qualifications to perspective employers and contacts.
  • Perform work duties and employment roles based on your position within an organisation. Within the platform you may be able to do one or more of the following:
    • Buy products for your employed organisation(s)
    • Sell products for your employed organisation(s)
    • Market products for your employed organisation(s)
    • Manage internal communication for your employed organisation(s)
    • Manage external communication and social media for your employed organisation(s)
    • Manage customers for your employed organisation(s)
    • Manage suppliers for your employed organisation(s)
    • Manage employees for your employed organisation(s)
    • Manage organisation data for your employed organisation(s)
    • Manage reporting/issues/enquiries for your employed organisation(s)
    • Connect organisation systems to supplier and customer systems
    • Connect organisation websites to your employed organisation(s)
  • Follow feeds and receive notifications from organisations about what is important to you. The platform ensures that you only receive feed notifications by opting-in, and can opt-out at any time.

What Can Do For Business

  • Quickly automate the process of buying and selling between customers and suppliers, and associated IT systems.
  • Easily find new customers and suppliers within local and global marketplaces.
  • Quickly automate and integrate systems used for buying, selling, shipping, inventory control and accounting, between your organisation, and your suppliers and customers systems.
  • Cut down on the manual data entry of orders, invoices, and payments, reduce the errors, saving effort and time.
  • Dramatically reduce costs in integrating to other systems. Once you are integrated into squizz there's no need to do any more difficult integrations to individual customers or supplier systems on a one-by-one basis.
  • Securely transfer sensitive business data over the internet, using the best industry security encryption mechanisms.
  • Control which people are connected to your business through a highly customisable permission system. Only give the correct people access to sensitive business data.
  • Market to a large range of people and organisations who are interested on what you are saying through private and public Feeds, Remove the need to configure and send out costly and time consuming Emarketing Emails, and bulk internal staff Emails.
  • Integrate your other business systems together to allow notifications for all external systems to be centrally managed in the one location.
  • Create highly customisable rules that control how surcharges, warehouse locations, and freight are applied to sales orders across a targeted range of customers.
  • Integrate easily into a large range freight carrier systems, automating picking and shipping processes for delivering goods.
  • Create highly customisable forms and processes that allow customers, staff, and suppliers to more effectively raise issues, reports, feedback, and other tailored information.

What Can Do For IT Professionals

  • Learn advanced Ecommerce workflows and systems, that can then be applied to help a wide number of organisations.
  • Help support organisations develop data strategies and effectively manage their Ecommerce data for
  • Help support organisations develop Ecommerce and marketing strategies for using
  • Support integrating existing business systems into through its Connector software or Data API (Application Programming Interface).
  • Support connecting existing organisation's networking and hardware to the platform.
  • Earn money from organisations to help them integrate with the platform.

What Can Do For Software Providers and Developers

  • Develop software that integrates directly into to allow your customers to leverage the features and functionality of the platform.
  • Access a growing audience of organisations to provide software solutions for.
  • Allow your software to seemlessly integrate with other pieces of software without having to develop complex one-to-one solutions.
  • Cement your customer base by offering software solutions that enable their business to thrive through the platform.
  • Access and use open source standards and libraries that allow you to quickly develop software that integrates with