Registering An Organisation

After you have signed up to the platform personally you have the ability to register one more organisations within the platform. Once an organisation is registered it can be connected with other organisations in the platform such as customers, suppliers, and other affiliated businesses. Additionally an organisation can be connected to people such employees, followers, individual customers, contractors, fans, and support staff. With these connections in place it allows the organisation to trade within the platform, buying and selling goods and services off people and organisations, as well as allowing the organisation's IT (Information Technology) business systems to be connected to other organisation business systems, automating a number of processes and creating additional efficiencies.


  1. Prerequisites
  2. Register An Organisation
  3. Next Steps


Before reading on please ensure that you have understood the following topics:

Register An Organisation

To register an organisation within the platform you must first have personally signed up to the platform. Note that we recommend that you only register an organisation if you are the owner of the organisation, or are a part of the executive body of the organisation, or have the authority by the executive body to register the organisation.

Once you have signed up to the platform personally follow these steps to register an organisation:

  1. Login to the platform from the Home page or mobile app.
  2. Click on the Register Organisation button
  3. Within the Organisation Registration page, in the Organisation Name textbox type in the trading name of the organisation that people will recognise it by.
  4. Within the Legal Name textbox type in the name of the organisation that it is legally registered against the government body or authority where it exists. For example if the organisation is Australian then set the name of the organisation displayed in the Australian Business Register.
  5. Within the Type drop down choose the type of organisation that it is.
  6. Within the Country drop down choose the country that the organisation is registered within. If the country is not listed then you will not be able to register the organisation within the currently.
  7. In the textbox under the country type in the relevant number or ID that was issued to the organisation by the government body or authority.
  8. Under the Primary Billing section in the Level/Unit/Number textbox type in the building level, unit number, and or street number of the address that billing information of the organisation should be sent to.
  9. In the Street textbox type in the street name of the address that billing information of the organisation should be sent to.
  10. In the Suburb/City textbox type in the suburb or city name of the address that billing information of the organisation should be sent to.
  11. In the State/Province/Region drop down select the state, province, or region of the address that billing information of the organisation should be sent to.
  12. In the Post/Zipcode textbox type in the post code or zip code of the address that billing information of the organisation should be sent to.
  13. In the Phone Number textbox type in the primary phone number that should be called at the organisation's billing address.
  14. Read the statement that confirming that you aggree to the platform's terms and conditions. Click on the Terms and Conditions link if you wish to view in detail the Terms and Conditions of the organisation using the platform.
  15. Click on the I Agree To The Terms & Conditions And Register button.

The organisation will be created within the platform and be added to your list connected of organisations accessible the Organisations menu in the header bar. By default you be assigned as the administrator of the organisation, allowing you to modify any aspects and settings of the organisation. Additionally the organisation will be set up with default "people groups", "organisation groups", allowing to easily get started in connecting other organisations and people to your organisation.

Next Steps

Once you have registered your organisation we would recommend doing the following:

  • View the organisation's profile page and become familiar with the organisation's profile.
  • View and complete the settings of the organisation, including setting the "About Us" descriptions of the organisation.
  • Upload a profile image of the organisation, as well as a logo image.
  • Request for the organisation to become trusted.
  • Tell employees, customers, and follower people about the organisation registered within the platform, and asking them to connect with the organisation if they are already personally signed up, or otherwise sending them a personal invite to sign up then connect with the organisation.
  • Modify personal and organisation groups to configure permissions that people will have to manage the organisation.
  • Set up people who can be notified about different organisation notifications.
  • Set up public and private feeds and begin posting within the feeds. Additionally market the feeds to the organisation's audience base.
  • Setup connections within the organisation's business systems, and start importing data such as products, customer accounts, and supplier accounts into the platform.