Getting Started and Platform Overview

What Is the Platform?

The platform is a service that allows people, organisations, marketplaces, and business systems to all connect together, allowing all to securely communicate, collaborate, trade and share information with each other. With all these connections the platform can be considered as both a "social networking" platform and an "Ecommerce" platform, which makes it a "Social Ecommerce" platform that facilitates connected marketplaces.

People, organisations, and business system connections

Main Features contains a large range of features, most notably it allows:

  • People to find and connect with each other and have conversations, either personally with friends, family, acquaintances, or professionally with work colleagues, business contacts, and other work people.
  • People to find and connect with organisations as employees, customers, contractors, or followers.
  • Organisations to find and connect with other organisations, as well as buy and sell with each other based on their unique relationships.
  • Organisations to securely connect their business systems with other organisations systems, allowing for data to automatically transfer between systems without complex and time consuming development.
  • Organisations to communicate with small to large numbers of people through the use of feeds for marketing or internal company news and information.
  • It allows organisations and their employees to effectively work together, capture data in forms, and handle communication for the different business processes an organisation has. Has No Annoying Advertising!

Unlike most social platforms the platform does not make money by displaying annoying advertising to its users, instead it makes money only when organisations directly make sales through the platform, or use its features to save time and money. This has two benefits where provides an advertising free experience for all people who use the platform, and additionally organisations only pay to use the platform when they directly make sales or derive value using the platform. Organisations don't need to give endless money away in advertising fees hoping that eventually it will lead to sales in the platform. The platform instead only takes a very small percentage of a sale once a customer has made a purchase. This business model allows organisations to grow as grows, in a sustainable, friendly, non-intrusive, and cost effective way.

Creating Personal Relationships In

The platform allows you to connect personally with other people you know, such as friends, family, team mates, work colleagues, business contacts, and acquaintances. You can find people by either sending a connection request to their email address, by seeing them within the platform itself, or by one of your existing contacts introducing you to one of their contacts. This can allow you to use the platform to connect and network with other people on a personal or professional basis.


Personal Connections With People


Once you have found and connected with a person you can then create conversations, and send messages to each other. Additionally you can create group conversations, allowing many people to talk to each other. Group conversations could be used to have intimate conversations with selected friends, a number of family members, or be used to have discussions within a team at your work. The messages in each conversation are securely encrypted to ensure that only the people included in a conversation have the ability to access and view the private messages. Additionally conversations allow files to be shared with a group of people, ensuring that the latest version of a file is always accessible to all, removing the problems of using email to send files. Files are also securely encrypted to ensure that only people within the conversation have the ability to download and view the files.

Sharing Your Information

The platform allows you to share selected information about yourself to the people that you are connected with. This may include details such as your birth date, email address or phone number.. Additionally you can choose to also include information about your past and current employment, past and current educational background, that may relevent for future employment prospects. The platform allows you to control your information that you allow groups of your connected people (known as contacts) to see, ensuring that you are in charge of your data. For example you may choose to only allow your close friends to see your personal phone number, where as your business contacts can only see your email address.

Connecting Businesses Together Within

The platform allows organisations to be registered on the platform. Once done organisations can then be connected with each other, allowing trading relationships to occur. With a connection between organisations in place it allows them both to buy and sell goods and services off each other, based on unique pricing, agreed terms and other conditions. Organisations can search for each other using the search on the platform's Home page. Organisations can also elect to become trusted on the platform. When done it allows the to perform background check to confirm the organisation is who they say they are, and can be trusted to connect or trade with.

Organisations Connecting With Other Organisations On the platform

People Connecting With Organisations

People can find and connect to organisations as employees, contractors, personally as followers or as individual customers. These connected people can then use the platform communications tools to follow organisations feeds, receiving announcements, news, or participating in discussions associated with an aspect of the organisation. Additionally selected people can administrator the settings of the organisation on the platform, as well as purchase on behalf of the organisation, sell to selected customers of the organisation, or manage the human resources side of the organisation.

People Connecting With Organisations


Connecting Businesses Systems Together In

The platform allows registered organisations to connect their external business software and systems into the platform. Once done this can automate a number of processes around buying and selling on the platform, as well as make data accessible to selected people without having to set up complex access rules or computer networking. For example sales representatives of an organisation may be allowed to view sales orders and invoice records for selected customers, with the record data being retrieved in real time from the organisation's connecting accounting system. This then removes the need for the sales representative person to have login credentials to the accounting system, and the computer(s) that the accounting system runs on.

Connection Organisation Business Systems Together

Once each organisation has securely connected their business system(s) into the platform then data can flow between customer and supplier systems. The kinds of data that may be transferred include sales orders, purchase orders, invoices, payments, credits, and other data. makes it easier to connect separate organisation's systems together, since each organisation only needs to integrate once into the platform, then leverage platform's open standards to transfer data to other connected organisation's systems.

Each organisation can connect their external business systems using's free Connector software, or else if the organisation's software supports it connect directly into the platform through its Application Programming Interface (API). The platform can also be used to issue security certificates for free to organisations, allowing connections to their business systems over the internet to be secured using the best industry encryption standards.


The platform was founded by two brothers from Australia in 2016 who had previously developed the TOTECS Ecommerce platform since 2001. TOTECS allows organisations to build highly customised websites that supplier organisations can sell with, and that automatically integrate into their backend business systems. By learning how to integrate to a number of different accounting and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems TOTECS devised a standardised way on how to automate data transfer, and reduce the complexities with integrations, saving big costs to suppliers while helping customers. The only constraint is that TOTECS is limited to only helping suppliers in a one dimensional relationship with its customer base, as well as building highly customised websites can be long process.

In 2007 the idea of the platform was born from the need by customers to get their purchase orders created within a TOTECS hosted website automatically back into their own organisation's systems. This simple concept took until 2013 before the technology, internet, and software was at a level where the founders could solve the problem. From 2013 onwards development on proactively begun after business hours, and by 2016 was ready to be released for inhouse beta trials. In those 3 years of development the platform turned from solving a simple problem into solving a whole range of problems that organisations in general have when operating in an online world. It also allowed for the development around software integrations to mature and the standards around data transfer between systems to be refined further.

Additionally the founders were unhappy with the way that social platforms had become increasing overcrowded with advertising, putting profit before usability. To counter this additional features were added to the platform around sharing and communication, and a sustainable business model was developed to allow the platform to offer an advertising free experience to its user base, while still helping organisations and people to work effectively.

As at the current time of writing, the development on the is still only at 25% of its overall vision. With your input you can help shape the direction of the platform by using its features, and providing feedback on how we can make it bigger and better. Additionally there are investment opportunities available to help fund the platform's growth and influence its innovation. Once you have signed up to the platform come talk to us by posting a message in the platform's Early Adopter feed within the organisation profile page.

Next Steps

Now that you have got the idea of what the platform is about, read the Signing Up document to learn how to sign up to the platform. Note that currently you can only sign up if another person has already signed up to the platform and has invited you into the platform.

To learn more about the why you or your business should use the platform read the Key Benefits Of Using The Platform.