Unlocking The Doors For New Users and Connecting With Contacts Using Invitation Codes - Apr 2018

Released: 12th April 2018


Up until now, SQUIZZ.com has been operating in private invitation-only mode.  This meant that unless you knew someone in the platform who could send you an invitation, there was no other way to Sign Up.  Not so anymore.  SQUIZZ.com has opened it's doors to new users.  Better still, you can now give your Invitation Code out to people you wish to connect with.

Now Anyone Can Sign Up To SQUIZZ.com

New visitors to SQUIZZ.com can sign up and complete the registration process without needing a special invitation email and code.  When a user logs in, they will see their invitation code front and center.

Building Trust

Major online platforms such as Facebook are fast becoming scrutinised by it's users.  Why? Simple, the sale of their data to third parties without giving permission has breached the trust and confidence of it's user base (https://www.recode.net/2018/4/10/17220060/facebook-trust-major-tech-company).  Users are wising up and Facebook is on the defence.  

Defending a position where backdoor access ties into the business proposition puts Facebook in a sticky position.  More broadly, the fundamental question centres around Trust.   Establishing Trust is important as people want to make sure they know who they are dealing with.  In Facebook, trust is weak.  In SQUIZZ.com, trust is front and centre.  In fact, the Internet Of Relationships protocol (IoR) that lies at the heart of the platform is built using crytographic vaults to make sure that it's extremely hard to hack a users data.  Furthermore, SQUIZZ.com does not prey on it's users data but rather offers secure value added services for users to embrace.

Whilst that is powerful, building up a context of trust for a person is paramount for engagement.  SQUIZZ.com doe this through the invitation codes.  As invitations codes are sent to people within users trusted domains, they will build up a network of trusted contacts. And this only the beginning.

Invitation Codes

Each user on SQUIZZ.com has an Invitation Code.  The Invitation Code can be passed to anyone trusted either verbally, in a text message, over the phone, in browser or though an app.  Invitation Code are a way to quickly create connections on SQUIZZ.com yet ensures that people cannot simply connect to people without an precedence of prior interaction.



This feature is not yet released but it's close.  Once a user is in the platform and connects to others, they can endorse each other.  An endorsement validates a relationship between another person and builds out a secure mesh of connected relationships.  With endorsements in play, the context of trust strenghens and one can better judge another person based on their connections.


Personal Identity Verification

Of course, the most ideal scenario is the validate the identity of a person.  This is still currently being investigated as ways to automate identity verification is underway.  In the long run, this is the ideal approach and can give rise the a verified and Trusted user status.


Sign Up and Play

Intrigued?  Why not sign up and invite your network into the platform.  It's a plesure knowing that your data is yours and encrypted so not even the SQUIZZ.com team can access it.  


See you in the platform.