Connecting to the TOTECS Platform

Once the connector has been installed onto your machine and you have created an adaptor for your given accounting/Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) system, you can then configure the adaptor to connect to the TOTECS Ecommerce Platform. With the TOTECS platform configured and the adaptors accounting/ERP set, it will then allow the connector to access the TOTECS platform and push data from the accounting/ERP system as well as request data from the platform.



  1. Prerequisites
  2. Configure the Adaptor


Please make sure you have read through the Get Started/Overview before continuing down this document.

Additionally make sure you have setup an adaptor in the connector software.

Configure the Adaptor

To configure an adaptor to connect to the TOTECS Platform follow these steps:

  1. Open the Connector application by clicking on its icon in the desktop or within the Windows start menu.
  2. Within the Adaptors and Messages tab, in the Adaptors panel, click the Adaptor button against the relevant adaptor.
  3. In the Adaptor Settings window click on the TOTECS System Settings tab.
  4. Set the TOTECS Project URL field to the URL to connect to the TOTECS project. Obtain this from TOTECS if you do not know it.
  5. Set the Project Key field to the unique key given to your TOTECS project. Obtain this from TOTECS if you do not know it.
  6. Set the Port field to 443, unless otherwise advised by TOTECS.
  7. Set the Administrator User Name field to the name of the admin user login used by connector to access the TOTECS system. Ensure that this user has admin permissions to use the Data Imports and API.
  8. Set the Password field to the password that has been set for the user in the User Name field.
  9. Click  the Save Settings button.

The adaptor will now be able to push data to the TOTECS platform, as well as receive data.