Welcome to the Connector Help and Document Centre

The Connector Help and Documentation Centre provides information about the Connector software developed by SQUIZZ Pty Ltd. The Connector is a piece of software that sits on any Windows computer, and has the purpose of connecting with accounting, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, Ecommerce systems, databases as well as data file to facilitate data transfers between the systems in a standardised and reliable way. If you are new to this documentation centre and the Connector in general please begin by reading the Get Started/Overview document, before exploring other documentation.

Latest Changes

See the latest changes made to the Connector software in the release videos below.

Connector 1.22 Release - Automatically Send Invoices To Customer Systems - Currency Exchange Rate Data Exports

Connector 1.21 Release - New Ribbon Menu - Dynamically Generate HTTP Requests To Web Services

Connector 1.20 Release - Convert CSV Spreadsheets to JSON data - Upload Product Images From Web URLs

Connector 1.19 Release - Importing Supplier Invoices - Micronet Harmoniq Preset - Generic Adaptor Doc Generator

Connector 1.18 Release - Importing and Exporting data into JSON/XML Web Services and files

Connector 1.17 Release - Generic Adaptor Presets

Connector 1.16 Release - Product Alternate Codes, Kits, Flags In Data Sets - Using Sessions To Export Data From JSON/XML Web Services

Connector 1.15 Release - Manage Images, Attachments, Item Relations In Data Sets - MYOB AccountRight Cloud

Connector 1.14 Release - Sales Order External Locations - Category Trees In Data Sets

Connector 1.13 Release - Export Make/Model Data and Quote Records

Connector 1.12 Release - Manage Product Combination Data Within Data Sets

Connector 1.11 Release - Manage Product Attribute Data Within Data Sets

Connector 1.10 Release - Data Sets for managing business Ecommerce data

Connector 1 09 Release - Query and Push Purchase Orders To Suppliers