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ESDocumentSurcharge Class

Ecommerce standards document that contains a list of surcharge records
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Namespace:  EcommerceStandardsDocuments
Assembly:  EcommerceStandardsDocuments.Library (in EcommerceStandardsDocuments.Library.dll) Version: (

The ESDocumentSurcharge type exposes the following members.

Public methodESDocumentSurcharge
Public fieldconfigs
A dictionary of additional configurations and settings to include with each Ecommerce Standard Document. Typically documents would contain the "dataFields" key that would have a comma delimited list of record properties that are expected to contain data when reading the document's records. Any records not containing data for properties in list could then have the data set to a default when saved to a database.
(Inherited from ESDocument.)
Public fielddataRecords
List of surcharge records
Public fielddataTransferMode
Denotes if the data being placed into document is a complete data set, or partial data being transferred containing only data changes.
(Inherited from ESDocument.)
Public fieldmessage
Message providing details of if the data could be obtained when requesting the document. The message gives meaning to the result status.
(Inherited from ESDocument.)
Public fieldresultStatus
Code that denotes if the data could be successfully obtained for the document, and if not why. See ESDocumentConstants Class for the list of status codes
(Inherited from ESDocument.)
Public fieldtotalDataRecords
The total number of records placed within document. For documents that contain multiple record lists, please check the relevant documentation to see how this number applies.
(Inherited from ESDocument.)
Public fieldversion
Version of the Ecommerce Standards Document. Verifying the version of the document is critical for systems transferring and manipulating the data.
(Inherited from ESDocument.)
An example of the Surcharge Ecommerce Standards document in its JSON serialised form
    "version": 1.3,
    "resultStatus": 1,
    "message":"The surcharge data has been successfully obtained.",
    "dataTransferMode": "COMPLETE",
    "totalDataRecords": 4,
            "surchargeCode": "WEB_FREIGHT",
            "surchargeLabel":"Web Order Freight",
            "description": "Costs to deliver orders created through the website.",
            "surchargeType": "FREIGHT"
            "surchargeCode": "WEB_CC_SURCHARGE",
            "surchargeLabel": "Web Credit Card Surcharge",
            "description": "Transaction cost for payment made by credit card.",
            "surchargeType": "CREDITCARD"
            "surchargeCode": "WEB_MIN_ORDER",
            "surchargeLabel": "Web Minimum Order Surcharge",
            "description": "Cost to handle orders when an order's total price is under the allowed minimum.",
            "surchargeType": "MINORDER"
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