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ESDRecordMaker Class

Ecommerce Standards Record that holds data for a single maker/manufacturer. A maker/manufacturer builds and/or assembles models which contain a collection of products or raw materials.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  EcommerceStandardsDocuments
Assembly:  EcommerceStandardsDocuments.Library (in EcommerceStandardsDocuments.Library.dll) Version: (

The ESDRecordMaker type exposes the following members.

Public methodESDRecordMaker
Initializes a new instance of the ESDRecordMaker class
Public propertyauthorityNumberLabels
list of Labels set for the authority numbers. Ensure that the array length is the same as the authorityNumbers property, or left empty
Public propertyauthorityNumbers
list of numbers of the government, or any other entity records that is associated with the maker. Ensure that the array length is the same as the authorityNumberLabels property, or left empty
Public propertyauthorityNumberTypes
list of authority number types matching the authority numbers. If set must use the ESDocumentConstants that are prefixed with "AUTHORITY_NUM_". Ensure that the array length is the same as the authorityNumbers property, or left empty.
Public propertydrop
Data Record OPeration. Denotes an operation that may need to be performed on the record when it is being processed. Set null, or set it to one of the ESD_RECORD_OPERATION constants in the ESDocumentConstants class to allow the record to be inserted, updated, deleted, or ignored.
Public propertyestablishedDate
Date that the maker was established. Date is in the form of a number in milliseconds since the 01-01-1970 12:00am Epoch in UTC time-zone
Public propertygroupClass
Class that allows the maker to be grouped with other makers of the same type.
Public propertyinternalID
Stores an identifier that is relevant only to the system referencing and storing the record for its own needs.
Public propertykeyMakerID
Key that allows the maker record to be uniquely identified and linked to.
Public propertymakerCode
Code of the maker. May or may not be a unqiue identifier.
Public propertymakerSearchCode
Code that allows the maker to searched on. This search code may or may not be unique, and would typically contain key words that allows the maker to be found.
Public propertyname
Name of the maker.
Public propertyordering
Numeric value that may be set to control how the maker is ordered with other makers within a list
Public propertyorgName
Name of the organisation, if the maker is an organisation.
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