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ESDRecordCustomerAccountContract Class

Ecommerce Standards record that contains the data of a single customer account contract. A contract record may be applied to a number of customer accounts and products for a given amount of time.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  EcommerceStandardsDocuments
Assembly:  EcommerceStandardsDocuments.Library (in EcommerceStandardsDocuments.Library.dll) Version: (

The ESDRecordCustomerAccountContract type exposes the following members.

Public methodESDRecordCustomerAccountContract
Initializes a new instance of the ESDRecordCustomerAccountContract class
Public propertycontractCode
Code that allows the contract to be identified with. May or may not be unique.
Public propertydescription
Text that describes the contract.
Public propertydrop
Data Record OPeration. Denotes an operation that may need to be performed on the record when it is being processed. Set null, or set it to one of the ESD_RECORD_OPERATION constants in the ESDocumentConstants class to allow the record to be inserted, updated, deleted, or ignored.
Public propertyexpireDate
Date that the contract expires. Date is in the form of a number in milliseconds since the 01-01-1970 12:00am Epoch in UTC time-zone
Public propertyforceContractPrice
Either 'N'-No or 'Y'-Yes If 'Y' then indicates that any pricing associated to the contract will be applied to the customer accounts, even if other pricing exists that may be cheaper.
Public propertyinternalID
Stores an identifier that is relevant only to the system referencing and storing the record for its own needs.
Public propertykeyAccountIDs
List of Key Account IDs that link any number of customer accounts to the contract.
Public propertykeyContractID
Key that allows the customer account contract record to be uniquely identified and linked to.
Public propertykeyProductIDs
List of Key Product IDs that link any number of products to the contract. Product pricing is not linked to the contract, this can be done with the use of ESD Product Price Records and the ESDocumentProductPrice document.
Public propertytype
Text that describes the type of contract
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