Terms and Conditions Overview

The terms and conditions of using Squizz.com are broken up into the following areas:

Squizz.com Terms and Conditions

Acceptance of Terms

SQUIZZ.com allows Users and Organisations to register, browse, collaborate, work and trade with each other through the Connected Marketplace in accordance with the principles outlined in the SQUIZZ.com Mission Statement (“SERVICES”). By becoming a User through User Registration, you agree to be bound to the terms of service of this and all associated Agreements and Policies as set forth by these SQUIZZ.com Terms and Conditions and that you will act lawfully in your representation of your User and all Organisations that you have a Connected Relationship with (the “Agreement”).


The Services encompass the full set of Common Services exempt from Trading Token deductions and Transaction Services whereby Trading Token deductions apply as specified in the Transaction Service Deduction Schedule.

Common Services will be offered to you free-of-charge for an unspecified time period unless terminated in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.

Transaction Services are available subject to the Terms and Conditions as given in the Transaction Agreement. Transaction Services incur consumption of Trading Tokens between two Entities based on the SQUIZZ.com Trading Token Price Schedule.

The Services are provisioned, maintained and hosted on the SQUIZZ.com Platform in accordance with the SQUIZZ.com Platform Management Policy.

Your User Account

As a registered user of the Services, you may establish an account ("User Account"). You agree to not reveal your User Account information to anyone else whatsoever regardless. You are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security of your User Account, and for all activities that occur on or through your User Account, and you agree to immediately notify SQUIZZ.com of any security breach of your User Account. SQUIZZ.com shall not be responsible for any losses arising out of the unauthorized use of your User Account.

In order to use Common Services or Transaction Services, you must enter your SQUIZZ.com Login Email and Password to authenticate your User Account. Once you have authenticated your User Account using your Login Email and Password, you will not need to authenticate again for at least fifteen minutes; you can choose to allow your computer to remember your password to remain authenticated however we strongly recommend against doing so. Once logged in, you will be able to use the Common Services and Transaction Services without re-entering your password. You can change your User settings through your User Account Profile.

SQUIZZ.com may suspend or terminate your use of the Services provisioned for your User Account at any time in its sole discretion.

Services available to a User Account may vary for different countries and regions. No warranty or representation is given that a particular feature or function as given by the Services or the same type and extent of features and functions will be available.

Data Sharing and Privacy

SQUIZZ.com treats all Data with the highest regard to security and privacy as given by our Data Sharing And Privacy Policy.

Any Data stored or shared between Users and Organisations on or through SQUIZZ.com is subject to the Data Sharing And Privacy Policy.

Any Data stored or shared between a 3rd Party Software Application and SQUIZZ.com through the SQUIZZ.com Application Programming Interface (API) must adhere to the Data Sharing And Privacy Policy.

User Registration

You will be required to provide personal details in order to successfully create a User that represents you. You agree that the information you provide is a true and accurate representation of your Person.

You agree to provide accurate and complete information when you register with, and as you use, the Services ("Registration Data"), and you agree to update your Registration Data to keep it accurate and complete. You agree that SQUIZZ.com may store and use the Registration Data for use in maintaining your Data, for billing and to fulfil on legal obligations.

You agree that your Registration Data is maintained in accordance with the Data Sharing And Privacy Policy.

Organisation Registration

One or more Organisations may be registered on SQUIZZ.com where you are the appointed Organisation Leader or you have been granted express written approval by an Organisation Leader to serve the role of Organisation Administrator in which you may register and administer the Organisation on SQUIZZ.com. By default, your User will be set as the appointed Organisation Administrator.

Immediately after Organisation Registration, the registered Organisation will be set as an Untrusted Organisation.

You agree to supply and maintain complete and accurate data for those Organisations where you are the Organisation Administrator (Organisation Data).

SQUIZZ.com will use the Organisation Data to maintain an accurate representation of the Organisation, analyse trading activity to improve the Services and for billing purposes.

SQUIZZ.com advocates fair and legal use of the Services however should SQUIZZ.com suspect illegal activity of any kind, SQUIZZ.com reserves the unconditional right to revoke your role of Organisation Administrator. SQUIZZ.com will notify you should this occur and explain to you why this has happened.

SQUIZZ.com does not provide any warranties for incorrect or inaccurate Organisation Data related to an Organisation.

Connected Marketplace

Users and Organisations may belong to one or more Connected Marketplaces as defined by the Connected Marketplace Policy.

Visibility amp; Permissions

An Entity may:

  1. Be listed on searches conducted within Public Marketplaces.
  2. Connect with other Entities to form Associative Relationships.
  3. Collaborate, communicate or follow other Entities where Associative Relationships are in place and functionality is granted through the respective Relationship Rights.

A Trusted Entity may:

  • Conduct Transactions given by a Commercial Relationship on SQUIZZ.com
  • Be listed on searches conducted within Public Marketplaces or Private Marketplaces


Should an Entity Breach the Terms and Conditions in any way, SQUIZZ.com reserve the right to unconditionally set the Entity’s status to ‘inactive’ (Delisted). When this occurs, SQUIZZ.com will notify the Entity that it is Delisted and outline the reason why this has occurred. Subject to the circumstances, SQUIZZ.com may at its sole discretion provide a Delisted entity a set of actions that it can follow in order to have the Entity’s status switched back to ‘active’.

No Data or alterations will be applied to a Delisted Entity.

Any Entity can Delist itself on SQUIZZ.com.

Entity Termination

Any Entity that is Delisted for more than 12 months may be terminated without notice.

When Termination occurs, the Entity is removed from SQUIZZ.com and all associated Data is archived for a period of 3 years.

Online Trading

Entities may engage in trading with each other through a Commercial Relationship in accordance with the Transaction Agreement (Online Trade).

The Transaction Agreement is binding upon the establishment of a Connected Relationship and survives any termination of a Connected Relationship.

SQUIZZ.com acts in good faith as a facilitator of the electronic process of conducting a transaction for the supply of goods and services.

At the time of establishing a Connected Relationship, an Organisation acting as the supplier may request the other Entity acting as the customer to accept additional Terms and Conditions to conduct their business is a lawful contract.

Trading Tokens

A Trading Token is a non redeemable unit of value purchased in the SQUIZZ.com Default Currency (SDC) pegged at 1 Trading Token = 1 cent SDC.

Trusted Entities that conduct Online Trading with another Entity as given by the Transaction Agreement will pay for the service delivery using Trading Tokens deducted from their Trading Token Pool.

Trading Tokens are charged at the time of purchase and applied against an Entities account at the time of purchase.


Trading Tokens are purchased and added to the Entity’s Trading Token Pool upon confirmation of purchase (Top-Up).

Trading Tokens are available for purchase by entering an amount of trading tokens at the time of payment.

An Entity may hold a maximum number of 5,000,000 Trading Tokens in their Trading Token Pool.

Foreign Currency Payments

If you Top-Up SQUIZZ.com Trading Tokens in a different currency to the Default Currency, the purchasing currency will be converted using the SQUIZZ.com Currency Exchange Rates first and transacted in the SQUIZZ.com Default Currency.

Methods Of Payment

Trading Tokens can be purchased via the following methods of payment:

  • Visa / Mastercard / American Express – A credit card fee of $1.00 AUD applies to all purchases charged in the Currency of purchase

Credit Card Privacy

SQUIZZ.com processing Credit Card transactions directly with the Payment Gateway using 256+ SSL encryption. SQUIZZ.com does not store any Credit Card details after the transaction is complete and will only retain reference numbers issued by the Payment Gateway for auditing purposes.

Refunds and Cancellations

Trading Tokens are non-redeemable and as such no refunds or cancellations of payment are available.

SQUIZZ.com encourages Entity’s to maintain the minimum buffer of Trading Tokens in their Trading Token Pool to satisfy their transaction activity demand on SQUIZZ.com.

Top-Up Notifications

When the Trading Token Pool falls below a configurable number units (by default 1,000), SQUIZZ.com will Post a Top-Up Notification to the Entity.

Held Trade Notification

When the Trading Token Pool has insufficient Trading Token units to satisfy an Online Trade, SQUIZZ.com will Post a Held Trade Feed Notification to the Entity. The Entity will be granted 24 hours to Top-Up


SQUIZZ.com provides no warranty for an Entity’s Trading Token Pool whatsoever.


SQUIZZ.com strictly maintains a full audit history of an Entity’s Trading Token activity for a minimum of 7 years (Trading Token History). An Entity gives SQUIZZ.com the authority to conduct a Trading Token Audit in response to a successful warrant or subpoena issue by a legal authority.


Subject to the following clause, each party shall keep confidential the terms of this Agreement and all Confidential Information of the other party.

A party may make any disclosures in relation to this Agreement as, in its absolute discretion, it thinks necessary to:

  1. its professional advisers, bankers, financial advisers and financiers, if those persons undertake to keep information disclosed confidential;
  2. comply with any applicable law or requirement of any government agency; or
  3. any of its employees to whom it is necessary to disclose the information, if that employee undertakes to keep the information confidential.

Subject to the Data Sharing and Privacy Policy, all press releases and other public announcements relating to this Agreement will be published by SQUIZZ.com at it’s discretion without any approval required from any Entity given by this Agreement.

Despite anything else in this or any other agreement between the parties, You agree that SQUIZZ.com may disclose the terms of this Agreement to any Related Body Corporate or subcontractor for the purposes of performing its obligations in provisioning the Services.

Limitation Of Liability

This limitation applies to:

    anything related to the SQUIZZ.com Platform, Services, Data, content (including code) on third party Internet websites, or third party software programs, apps or applications; and
    claims for breach of contract, breach of warranty, guarantee or condition, strict liability, negligence, or other tort to the extent permitted by applicable law.

To the extent permitted by law, in no event will SQUIZZ.com’s liability to You under this Agreement exceed the amount covering the total Trading Tokens purchased prior to 90 days from the date when SQUIZZ.com receives notice of action regardless of the form of the action (including in respect of any negligence of SQUIZZ.com).

In no event will any Entity or SQUIZZ.com be liable to the other or any other person in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise for any remote, indirect, consequential or incidental loss or damages or any loss of data by any means including Data, loss of opportunity, loss of revenue, loss of profits, business interruption or cost of insurance cover whether or not:

  • such loss or damage was foreseeable ; or
  • either party contemplated or was advised of the possibility of such loss or damage.

Third Party Software Applications (3rd Party Applications)

Any Software Application developed by a Third Party can be connected to SQUIZZ.com through the SQUIZZ.com Application Programming Interface (API Integration). An API Integration must be conducted in accordance with these Terms and Conditions and all associated policies including the Data Sharing And Privacy Policy.

A Third Party accepts that SQUIZZ.com reserves the right to revoke the API Integration access should any breach to these Terms and Conditions occur.

Dispute Resolution

Neither party may start arbitration or court proceedings (except proceedings seeking interlocutory relief) in respect of a Dispute unless it has first complied with these Dispute Resolution clauses.

A party claiming that a Dispute has arisen must notify the other party in writing setting out the basis of the Dispute and the action required to remedy same.

Each party must notify its Managing Director or Chief Executive Officer of a Dispute within seven working days after a notice is given under the previous clause. Both officers must use their best efforts to resolve the Dispute within 10 business days.

Pending resolution of a Dispute each party continues to be bound to comply with its obligations under these Terms and Conditions.

Nothing in this clause prevents either party from exercising its rights under Entity Termination.

The parties are obliged to mediate any dispute failing their best efforts to negotiate a resolution in accordance with the Dispute Resolution. The parties will agree to appoint a mediator or failing agreement agree that a mediator will be appointed by the Law Institute of Victoria Australia and each party will bear the cost of the mediator equally. Only if mediation cannot resolve the Dispute will the parties be at liberty to commence arbitration or litigation.

The parties agree that the decision of the mediator will be binding and that the terms of any agreement reached at mediation will be subject to confidentiality and will not be disclosed except in accordance with the Data Sharing and Privacy Policy.

Applicable Law

  1. Australia. If Your Nation State is Australia, Victorian state law governs the interpretation of this agreement and applies to claims for breach of it, regardless of conflict of laws principles.
  2. Outside the Australia. The jurisdiction is to be considered as Australian where Victorian state law governs the interpretation of this agreement and applies to claims for breach of it, regardless of conflict of laws principles.

Legal Effect

This agreement describes certain legal rights. You may have other rights under the laws of your Nation State. This agreement does not change your rights under the laws of your Nation State if the laws of your Nation State do not permit it to do so.


SQUIZZ.com means SQUIZZ PTY LTD of 28 Abbotsford Street West Melbourne Australia 3003 Phone: +61 3 9329 9625.

Activity means a computation action or process undertaken in SQUIZZ.com that receives input Data from a software program or from a User action and computes an output in the form of a computational action or output Data.

A Common Service means the functionality of the SQUIZZ.com Platform used by an Entity whereby Trading Token deductions do not apply.

A Transaction Service means the functionality of the SQUIZZ.com Platform used by an Entity whereby Trading Token deductions apply in accordance with the Transaction Service Deduction Schedule.

An Entity is given by a digital representation granted a legal status by the Statutory Laws governed by the Nation State that the entity nominates as their legal principle place of business or residence.

A User A Person Entity who is legally by definition regarded as a Citizen or Subject of their Nation State under local and International Law.

People is a collection of one or more Users.

An Organisation is a legal Corporate Entity.

Organisation Leader is the appointed owner or signatory of an Organisation such as a CEO, Director, Governor, Minister, Chief or Executive Board Member.

A Users Registered Organisation is the User given the legal authority to create and administer one or more Organisations who acts as the legal authority of that Organisation and bears the responsibility of the lawful commercial conduct of that Organisation.

A Trusted Organisation is an Organisation that has been assessed and approved by SQUIZZ.com as being an Entity that meets the following Criteria (Trusted Organisation Criteria):

  • The Organisation is a registered legal Corporate entity as given by the Corporate or Company Registration Authority granted by Statutory Laws of the Nation State.
  • The CEO or Managing Director or appointed Legal Representative of an Organisation has given express authority via email from the Organisation’s registered Domain name and that upon receipt of the email, the Director has been contacted by phone and has verbally confirmed that their Organisation is a legal and registered company given by the Statutory Laws of the Nation State.
  • The Organisation has satisfied the Trusted Application Criteria.
  • The Organisation has submitted their Terms and Conditions of Trade that adhere to the SQUIZZ.com Marketplace Terms of Use and meet the Trading Terms and Conditions Criteria.
  • Must be Trading Solvently during the time upon which the Organisation has been assessed.
  • Agrees to the Organisation Trading Policy
    • A Trusted User is User that has been assessed and approved by SQUIZZ.com as being an Entity that meets the following Criteria (Trusted User Criteria):

      • The Person has acquired a 100 points identity check through a Statutory Authority of their Nation State who has completed an Identity Verification of the Person. (Bank, Chemist, Legal Service, Police, Pharmacist)
      • Proof of Citizenship that is manually checked with a Statutory Authority of their Nation State.
      • A phone call to verify their number
      • Agrees to the User Trading Policy

      A Trusted Status mean a flag that indicates a Trusted User or Trusted Organisation.

      A Premium Organisation is a Trusted Organisation that is flagged with a Premium status what encompasses the following addition functionality:

      • Priority search listings

      An Untrusted Organisation is an Organisation that does not fulfill on the Trusted Organisation Criteria and who’s status is not flagged as Trusted.

      An Untrusted User is a User that does not fulfill on the Trusted User Criteria and who’s status is not flagged as Trusted.

      A Trusted Entity is either a Trusted Organisation or Trusted User.

      An Untrusted Entity is either an Organisation or User that.... .

      Connected Relationship as being the binding of two entities (Users or Organisation).

      An Associative Relationship is defined as:

      • An Organisation entered into a Connected Relationship with another Organisation
      • An Organisation entered into a Connected Relationship with a User

      A Commercial Relationship is defined as:

      • An Trusted Organisation entered into a Connected Relationship with another Trusted Organisation
      • An Trusted Organisation entered into a Connected Relationship with a Trusted User

      A Personal Relationship is defined as:

      • A User entered into a Connected Relationship with another User

      Relationship Rights is defined as:

      • The common set of permissions and allowed actions granted between Entities of a Connected Relationship.

      A Transaction is a means of lawfully facilitating an electronic sale between parties of a Commercial Relationship whereby one Trusted Entity (Merchant) agrees to collectively sell one or more Products, Downloads or Services to another Trusted Entity (Purchaser) in accordance with both parties accepting and abiding by the SQUIZZ.com Transaction Agreement.

      Transaction Data is the Data issued to the Merchant and Data issued to the Purchaser that fulfils on facilitating the Transaction.

      A Product is a physical entity given by a specific quantised Unit Of Measurement that is identified by at least a Product Code and Product Name.

      A Download is a digital media that exists as a certain Byte sized Data that can be transferred or copied over TCP/IP using Web Application Layer Protocols.

      Software is the general term for the various kinds of programs used to operate computers and related devices.

      eCommerce Integration Standards means the set of rules and criteria that 3rd Party Software must adhere to in order to communicate electronically with the Web Application Interface of SQUIZZ.com in accordance with the eCommerce APIs and the eCommerce Standards Documents (ESDs).

      Country of Residence means the country upon which a User nominates as their primary residence as given by documents of proof being either a Passport, Birth Certificate or Visa.

      A Third Party is a sole trader, company or institution that provides services directly to SQUIZZ.com or to SQUIZZ.com Entities.

      A Trading Token Pool is the set of Trading Tokens available for deduction against a given Trusted Entity.

      A Payment Gateway is a 3rd Party managed payment gateway service which enables merchants to securely and reliably authorize and settle card transactions. It offers leading edge capabilities for securing sensitive card data that can assist merchants with meeting their PCI DSS requirements.

      You, Your mean the Person entering into the Agreement with SQUIZZ.com given by these Terms and Conditions and all associated Agreements and Policies as given by these Terms and Conditions.

      SQUIZZ.com Software means all computer software developed by SQUIZZ.com either directly or through licensing arrangements (in source form or compiled) and associated documentation (and shall include withoutlimitation, all software supplied as part of any update, enhancement, patch, bug fix, maintenance, release, customisation or modification of that software).

      SQUIZZ.com Platform means all eCommerce Software, Configurations and Data, hosted or supplied, relating to the undertaking of the SQUIZZ.com Services.

      Default Currency means Australian dollars (AUD).

      Currency Exchange Rates means the set of each foreign currency with its associated exchange rate updated daily according to official foreign currency exchanges rates published by FOREX.

Transaction Agreement

Inside the Commercial Relationship, both the Merchant and Purchaser (Parties) engaging in any Transaction on SQUIZZ.com agree to the Terms and Conditions as set out in this Transaction Agreement subject to the following:

  1. Both the Parties accept the others trading Terms and Conditions set forth as given by the Commercial Relationship in place between the parties both electronically and any other Terms and Conditions that contractually binds the Parties into a contractual arrangement with respect to the laws of the each party’s Nation State.
  2. The Terms and Conditions of this Transaction Agreement will be deemed to take precedence over any of the Parties specific Terms and Conditions.
  3. Acceptance of this Transaction occurs when the Purchaser indicates by means of ticking the checkbox presented which confirms they have read and understood the Terms and Conditions of the Merchant and this that upon such time that the Purchaser and the Submit Order or Submit Transaction button is clicked on by the Purchaser.
  4. The jurisdiction of precedence is the Nation State inside which the Purchaser receives the Products and the location of the Downloads or Service.
  5. Each party’s Terms and Conditions entered into with the other are legally enforceable through their respective Nation States and all associated international treaties entered into between the countries of both the Merchant and Purchaser are adhered to.

Limitations of Liability

The Purchaser and Merchant are solely and legally liable for the nature of the Transaction that occurs between them given by their Commercial Relationship which guarantees that the Merchant has completed due diligence of the Purchaser and that such a contractual relationship is conducted according to the trading Terms and Conditions in place between both parties in adherence to the laws of their Nation State with respect to international treaties.


Connected Marketplace Policy

Marketplace Membership

An Entity may join and become a member of a Connected Marketplace subject to the following:

  • Automatic assignment to the Global Marketplace within the Public Realm and remain so unless the Entity is Delisted;
  • Automatic assignment to the National Marketplace within the Public Realm that matches the Country in which a User Entity nominates as their Country of Residence or an Organisation Entity nominates as its Primary Address and remain so unless the Entity is Delisted;
  • Automatic assignment to a Connected Marketplace within a Public Realm whereby the Entity satisfies the assignment criteria as defined in the Marketplace Settings;
  • Being specifically invited to join a Connected Marketplace within a Private Realm and that the invitation is accepted.
  • The Entity satisfies the Marketplace Criteria to become a member.
  • The Entity has successfully gained Marketplace Acceptance.

SQUIZZ.com unconditionally reserves the right to revoke Marketplace Membership for any Entity subject to any breach of the SQUIZZ.com Terms and Conditions and any associated Policy.

Marketplace Formation

Public Formation

SQUIZZ.com is the exclusive Marketplace Administrator for the Global Marketplace and National Marketplaces within the Public Realm.

SQUIZZ.com acts as the exclusive authority for authorising the formation of a Connected Marketplace within the Public Realm subject to an Organisation Administrator:

  • Requesting to establish a Public Marketplace and nominating the Marketplace Host.
  • Providing a description of the Marketplace and stating its purpose that specifically outlines why the Connected Marketplace should be made available to the public.
  • Providing the Marketplace Criteria for membership.
  • Nominating the Marketplace Administrator and have received prior notice confirming acceptance to manage Marketplace Membership in the Public Realm and Marketplace Settings.

Private Formation

A Private Marketplace may be formed by an Organisation Administrator at any time subject to the following:

  • Nomination of the Marketplace Host Organisation.
  • Providing a description of the Marketplace and stating its purpose.
  • Providing the Marketplace Criteria for membership.
  • Accepting automatic membership to the Connected Marketplace instance and assuming the role of Marketplace Administrator with full authority to manage Marketplace Membership and Marketplace Settings.
  • Accepting that a different User may be assigned as the Marketplace Administrator subject to providing an offer that is confirmed by the said User.


Where automatic assignment does not apply, Marketplace Membership is assigned by invitation through the following methods:

  • Public Invitation where the Marketplace Administrator accepts that all Entities may become a member to a Public Marketplace and that such Entities satisfy the Marketplace Criteria;
  • Private Invitation where the Marketplace Administrator invites a select list of Entities to become a member of a Private marketplace and that such Entities satisfy the Marketplace Criteria;
  • Subscription Invitation where the Marketplace Administrator issues a specific Marketplace Subscription Code to a select list of Entities to become a member of a Private Marketplace that such Entities satisfy the Marketplace Criteria.

Cessation of Membership

Except for the Global Marketplace and all National Marketplaces, cessation of membership may occur through the following:

  • Marketplace Termination has occured
  • The Marketplace Administrator removes the member from the Marketplace.
  • The member Entity is Delisted.

Marketplace Closure

A Connected Marketplace may be closed by the Marketplace Administrator by:

  • Sending a Request For Marketplace Closure to the Marketplace Host for authorisation.
  • Confirming the closure upon authorisation.
Upon Closure of a Marketplace:
  • A Notice of Marketplace Closure is issued to each member
  • Membership of all Entities is cancelled
  • The Connected Marketplace Feeds are flagged as inactive
  • The Connected Marketplace is set to inactive and is placed into the SQUIZZ.com archive

SQUIZZ.com unconditionally reserves the right to close a Connected Marketplace if it deems that the Marketplace Host, Marketplace Administrator or member Entity has violated these Terms and Conditions and any associated Policy.

Limitations of liability

SQUIZZ.com bears no responsibility in the administration of a Connected Marketplace and by virtue of this, SQUIZZ.com grants total responsibility of the Connected Marketplace to the corresponding Marketplace Host.

SQUIZZ.com provides the Connected Marketplace ‘as is’ and does not provide any warranties whatsoever for the use of the Connected Marketplace. SQUIZZ.com will not be liable for any loss of business arising from the use of the Connected Marketplace for any Entity that uses it.

Marketplace Definitions

A Connected Marketplace is a set of Entities who are members given by an association in common.

A Public Marketplace is a Connected Marketplace whereby Marketplace Membership is open and duly granted to any Organisation or Entity without authorisation.

A Private Marketplace is a Connected Marketplace whereby Marketplace Membership is granted by the Marketplace Administrator.

A Marketplace Realm comprises of a group of Connected Marketplaces.

A Public Realm is a Marketplace Realm of comprising of exclusively Public Marketplaces.

A Private Realm is a Marketplace Realm comprising of exclusively Private Marketplaces.

A Global Marketplace is a Public Marketplace within the Public Realm whereby every Entity in SQUIZZ.com is assigned as a member.

A National Marketplace is a Public Marketplace within the Public Realm representative of a particular country or sovereign nation state on planet Earth.

Marketplace Administrator is granted the rights by the Marketplace Host to manage membership and govern all Marketplace activities.

A Marketplace Host is an Entity who has the rights of administering a Connected Marketplace including accepting membership via connection requests. By default, the Entity that creates a Connected Marketplace automatically becomes the Marketplace Host and can re-assign or share the same rights to other Entities (Marketplace Administrator).

Marketplace Settings means the collective settings available to the Marketplace Administrator configured for a given instance of a Connected Marketplace that governs invitation, assignment of Marketplace Membership and management, the use of any feature or function whatsoever incorporated into the instance of the said Connected Marketplace.

Marketplace Criteria is a set of rules or conditions that define the eligibility upon with an Entity can become a member of a Connected Marketplace.

Marketplace Acceptance is the process by which an Entity has invited to join the Connected Marketplace, satisfies the Marketplace Criteria and gains acceptance from the Marketplace Host to be a member.

Marketplace Subscription Code is a globally unique text string that an Entity can provide in order to qualify as a member of a Connected Marketplace.

Data Sharing And Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

SQUIZZ.com employs a broad range of security mechanisms to ensure that Data of any nature be it personal or commercial Data is held securely subject to the provisions outlined in this Data Sharing and Privacy Policy.

SQUIZZ.com respects the privacy of all Connected Relationships. SQUIZZ.com has employed extensive mechanism to ensure that Data can only be accessed by those with the authority to use that Data.

Our policy defines the processes and practices we have implemented to ensure personal or commercial information is not mistreated in anyway. The collection of sensitive personal or commercial information is restricted by the provisions of the assigned Privacy Act or Privacy related statutes of each Entities assigned Nation State.

Data Sharing Principles

Data is the essence of our modern life. It is what identifies us and the things we interact with. It underpins our identity, workflows and processes.

SQUIZZ.com treats all Data with the utmost care and respect. There are extensive mechanisms to protect Data for all Entities and SQUIZZ.com is guided by the following data sharing principles:

  1. Those who issue, share, enter, upload Data on SQUIZZ.com are regarded as the guardians of that Data
  2. Owners of Data have granted prior permission through separate agreements albeit public or private, verbal or non verbal, for the use of their Data on SQUIZZ.com
  3. Data stored in SQUIZZ.com shall be protected as far as technically and legally possible to ensure the integrity, accessibility, security and persistence is maintained with the highest level of accuracy and privacy
  4. Various layers of redundancy will be employed to avoid Data loss
  5. Approved 3rd parties software applications will have access to Data through the SQUIZZ.com API in accordance with these Terms and Conditions
  6. All staff, personnel and representatives of SQUIZZ.com have signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement that ensures they uphold these Data Sharing Principles

Data Sharing

You may share your Data with other Users, Organisations at your own discretion as given by your relationships with those User or Organisation Entity Relationships where you are acting on behalf of your User Entity or any Organisation Entity you nominate to represent in all dealings on SQUIZZ.com.

You are solely responsible for your actions should you share any Data with other Entities that causes a breach of any other agreements or policies you have in place with those Entities independent of SQUIZZ.com. SQUIZZ.com will not be liable whatsoever for any breaches that arise for such actions taken by you that may violate such agreements.

Organisation Data Sharing

SQUIZZ.com recommends that in accordance with best practice guidelines, every Organisation sets forth their own Data Sharing Policy in relation to the use of the Organisations data on SQUIZZ.com.

The Organisation Administration is solely responsible for ensuring that the data shared on SQUIZZ.com has been conducted in accordance to the Organisation’s Data Sharing policies and any other associated agreements.

Organisation Data is granted to another User or Organisation Entity given by the permissions set for each Entity Relationship within the Connected Marketplace.

You agree that through your relationship with any Organisation in the capacity of a User or Organisation Administration or Organisation Leader, you take sole responsibility to ensure that any data you share with that Organisation has been conducted in accordance with the specific Data Sharing Policies of the Organisation or User who owns the data being shared.

You agree that SQUIZZ.com shall not be liable for any breach to your Organisation’s Data Sharing Policy and that SQUIZZ.com is exempt from any liability arising under any circumstances in relation to such a breach.

Public Data Use

SQUIZZ.com uses Public Data to facilitate and deliver the Services to Users and Organisations.

Every User’s first and last name, profile images, country of residence, Trusted Status is to be considered as Public Data.

Every Organisation’s profile image, logos, product Images, marketplaces, primary address, phone numbers, Trusted Status is to be considered as Public Data.

Users or Organisations may expose Data to any other Entity on SQUIZZ.com through the Data Sharing Policies under their management. Any Data shared with the SQUIZZ.com Global or National Marketplaces by automatic assignment is to be considered Public Data.

Feeds Data Sharing

You may Post Data to your Followers on your Feeds subject to this Data Sharing Policy.

Acknowledge, Like and Dislike

The SQUIZZ.com Acknowledge (Ack) Tool, Like Tool and Dislike Tool allows Users or Organisations to nominate a status of personal opinion which indicates a personal view or opinion related to Data shared.

The Dislike Tool is intended to be constructive and provide a balance of opinion in order to facilitate constructive debate.

Misconduct and Abuse

SQUIZZ.com does not condone the use of Offensive Data under any context and by whatever means and reserves the unconditional right to Delist an Entity who shares Data deemed by SQUIZZ.com to be abusive, unsolicited or unlawful.

SQUIZZ.com requests all Users to be vigilant and stamp out any Offensive Data that appears on SQUIZZ.com.

SQUIZZ.com encourages all Users to report misconduct or abuse using the Report Tool.

SQUIZZ.com has an algorithm that monitors Data shared Reports and may alter the credibility of a User or Organisation through Community Rating tools.

You agree to ensure that whatever Data you share is done so lawfully and is void of Offensive Language.

You may not use these Services in any way that could harm them or impair anyone else’s use of them. You may not use the services to try to gain unauthorized access to any Service, Data, User Account, Organisation or network by any means.

Meta Data

SQUIZZ.com stores Meta Data which identifies a minimum set of Data that is used to describe an Activity or provides a condensed set of Data that describes are larger set of Data stored in SQUIZZ.com.

SQUIZZ.com reserves the unconditional right to store any Data as Meta Data in an unencrypted state so that it can fulfil on executing any Activity in an effective manner and that the execution of the Activity adheres to the SQUIZZ.com Terms and Conditions and all associated Policies.

SQUIZZ.com may access, preserve and share Meta Data in response to a legal request (like a search order, court order or subpoena) from a User or Organisation within the jurisdiction of Australia or a jurisdiction outside of Australia if SQUIZZ.com deems there is a good faith belief that the law requires it to do so and it is consistent with internationally recognised standards.

SQUIZZ.com promises to notify an Entity when any Meta Data related to it is retrieved as part of an investigation.

Internet Address (IP address)

SQUIZZ.com may temporarily store a Users’ internet address (IP) and the URLs accessed with a timestamp to monitor traffic and activity on SQUIZZ.com. We intend to use this data collected to generate statistics that aid us to deliver better web content services to Users and protect the SQUIZZ.com Platform from denial of service attacks.

SQUIZZ.com will not to distribute collected user information to any third party unless required by applicable government legislation.


When accessed from any browser or 3rd party application, SQUIZZ.com may issue you a per-session cookie.

SQUIZZ.com will issue a per-session cookie for the purposes of establishing user sessions. Per-session cookies embed a small amount of data (usually a session identifier) during a browsing session to ensure User sessions are secure and maintain continuity.

SQUIZZ.com cookies are strictly intended to store information pertaining to a users session. Although unlikely, SQUIZZ.com will condemn any party that intercepts or distributes malicious content via its cookies. If you experience unusual activity whilst browsing our website, please report the incident to the SQUIZZ.com by filling out the Report A Problem form accessible from the Personal Options menu in the top left once you are logged in.

Personal Information

When you submit personal information to SQUIZZ.com by filling out any online enquiry forms or emails, the requests are directly sent to our personnel.

All personal information received is retained for SQUIZZ.com to fulfil the request being made. Unless required by applicable government legislation, we require your express permission to disclose your information to a third party.

Personal information may be securely retained for reference purposes and properly destroyed thereafter.


In some parts of the website, SQUIZZ.com will ask Users to supply an email address. This email address will only be used for the purposes as stated and will not be disclosed beyond SQUIZZ.com without your express permission.

SQUIZZ.com may contact a User through their nominated email address at any time. Unless prior consent is given, SQUIZZ.com will not use the User’s email address for anything other than to satisfy the purposes for which it was disclosed.

SQUIZZ.com reserves the right to contact Users via their nominated email address if SQUIZZ.com thinks that such communication is warranted in the best interests of both parties.


Network data traffic to and from the SQUIZZ.com servers will be monitored at all times. If excess or suspicious data traffic is detected, SQUIZZ.com reserves the right to cancel any or all User requests in order to ensure that System Operations is not hindered by such activity.  SQUIZZ.com logs data traffic and source IP addresses for any internet request. Such information would be protected and only disclosed to authorities or law enforcement bodies with a successful warrant application.


When you purchase Trading Tokens on SQUIZZ.com, your payment will be posted through the appointed Payment Gateway. SQUIZZ.com will establish a secure link with your browser using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol which protects your confidential information as it travels between your internet browser and SQUIZZ.com and between SQUIZZ.com and the Payment Gateway. SQUIZZ.com provides the Payment Gateway essential User and Organisation information in order to securely facilitate the payment lawfully.

When the payment has been successfully received, the Payment Gateway will issue a receipt number which will be Posted to the purchasing User as a Feed Notification.

SQUIZZ.com unconditionally reserves the right to appoint numerous Payment Gateway providers in order to facilitate Payments lawfully.

User Account Information

When any User Account undergoes Entity Termination, SQUIZZ.com will retain the User Account Data and all associated Data for up to 7 years. The information is retained for the purposes of resolving any discrepancies or to comply with legal requests.

Encryption & Data Security & Meta Data

SQUIZZ.com in itself acts as a primary Certificate Authority for all Data encrypted within SQUIZZ.com through the SSL 256+ protocol or any variant of SSL. SQUIZZ.com acts in good faith as the single source of Trust for all Data hosted on the SQUIZZ.com Platform.

SQUIZZ.com reserves the unconditional right to automatically issue Security Certificates for any Entity or 3rd Party Software Provider at any time.

SQUIZZ.com will encrypt certain Data that is deemed as private and confidential in order to protect the interests of Entities using the SQUIZZ.com Platform for legitimate and lawful means.

SQUIZZ.com reserves the unconditional right to store and query Meta Data for the purposes of resolving any discrepancies or to comply with legislation or legal requests.


Data means information comprising but not limited to numbers, characters, strings of characters in any form of syntax, dates, formulas, computer files, computer source code, computer compiled code, computer software objects, and any other form that constitutes a representation of information stored on any medium or transferred through any medium.

Data Sharing Profile means the set of permissions that control access to Data of an Entity in accordance with the relationship between two Entities.

Data Sharing Policy means a document drafted by an Organisation that sets forth the rules of data distribution, sharing, disbursement, deletion and the associated processes of engagement with relation to all data shared on SQUIZZ.com whether within the internet browser or through the SQUIZZ.com API.

Offensive Data means Data of any form that is considered to be offensive, abusive or unlawful.

Public Data means data that is freely available to any User or Organisation of SQUIZZ.com and is considered to be available in the Public Domain.

Public Domain means all Users collectively registered on SQUIZZ.com.

Feed means a stream of Data posted by a User intended for a specific audience of Users or Organisations.

Feeds refer to every Feed that is managed by a User or Organisation.

Feed Reports refers to the collective Data Posted to a Feed using the Feed Report Tool.

Like Tool means the function that allows Users or Organisations to nominate a favourable status against Data shared.

Dislike Tool means the function that allows Users or Organisations to nominate an unfavourable status against Data shared.

Report Tool means the function that allows Users or Organisations to report abusive content, Offensive Language or unlawful activity.

Followers mean Users who subscribe to follow a Feed and solicit to receive Data posted on the Feed.

SPAM means the Data that is received through unsolicited means.

Post means an act of sharing Data.

Meta Data means secondary Data associated to primary Data or a Workflow that may describe, measure or record activity against the said Data or Workflow.

Workflow means any sequence of actions in SQUIZZ.com whereby each action takes and a set of input Data and produces output Data after a collection of computations have occured.

Transaction Services Deduction Schedule

The following indicates the amount of Trading Tokens that will be deducted for the following type of Transaction Service:

Squizz Trading Token Transaction Costs

Transaction Tokens Cost
Organisation Trust Authentication Request 30000
Feed Post Notification To Followers 1 per person (free under 100)
Customer Account Record Search 1
Customer Account Record View 10
Data Import
  • Customer Accounts
  • Customer Account Addresses
  • Products
  • Product Kits
  • Product Combinations
  • Product Stock Quantities
  • Product Attributes
  • Alternate Codes
  • Categories
  • Payment Types
  • Locations
  • Product Price-Level Pricing
  • Product Price-Level Quantity Pricing
  • Product Customer Account Quantity Pricing
  • Taxcodes
  • Sales Representatives
  • Sell Units
  • Price Levels
  • Supplier Accounts
  • Supplier Account Addresses
  • Purchasers
50 + 1 token per 1000 records
Purchase Order Data Import 50 + 0.5% * of order total dollars (capped at 5000 tokens)
Sales Order Data Import 50 + 0.5% * of order total dollars (capped at 5000 tokens)
Organisation Notifications Using API 1 token per notification per person
Organisation Issue Submissions 2 tokens per new submission

Beta Agreement

SQUIZZ.com continues to undergo early stage rapid development in order to introduce features and resolve issues quickly which may cause unexpected service interruptions during Your use of the Services (Beta Period).

In the Beta Period, You hereby unconditionally accept to use SQUIZZ.com provided on an ‘as is’ basis and that subject to the provisions of the SQUIZZ.com Terms and Conditions, you accept that interruptions may occur from time to time and that your user session may reset from time to time:

  • This will most commonly occur during a Software Release.
  • Whilst it is unintended that an interruption may occur, You accept that there may be the chance of Your Data becoming unrecoverable.

Whilst not essential, we ask that you assist us and provide feedback of functionality that does not work well or not at all. Please do this on the SQUIZZ.com profile Beta Period Feedback Feed.

SQUIZZ.com thanks You for Your support and participation at this early stage.