About Squizz.com

Our mission is to promote and nurture compelling experiences for people browsing, working or buying online. We innovate game-changing solutions that bring people together and create opportunities beyond their wildest expectations.

SQUIZZ.com is the social Ecommerce platform that allows people and organisations to connect, communicate and buy and sell electronically together. It allows organisations to connect business systems together and integrate their data with other organisations systems, regardless of the type business system they operate within.  Better still, Squizz.com maintains and manages relationships between organisations, people and both.  Even better, its revenue comes from trading activity so there are No Ads.  Never!  It operates on a new philosophy and harnesses the fast internet securely.

The SQUIZZ.com journey started in 2006 when we purchased the domain name on the back of an idea that would need a much faster internet.  So we waited.  Patiently building the blocks for what is to come. Over the past 3 years we have been actively designing, engineering, and constructing the social Ecommerce platform. With Squizz.com launched in August 2015 it has begun our ambitious journey of helping people and organisations to connect in more helpful, powerful, and efficient ways.


Our Experience

We at SQUIZZ.com are a group of extremely passionate, adaptive, resourceful, and highly experienced software engineers and IT enthusiasts.  We have come from over 15 years of working in the Ecommerce industry developing an integrated Ecommerce platform supporting small to large businesses in wholesale, retail and manufacturing. We cut our teeth on Business-To-Business (B2B), Business-To-Consumer (B2C) and Business-To-Government (B2G) Ecommerce, learning the processes and workflows of distribution business of all sizes.  We learned that despite the distinct complexities between organisations, there is a core set of fundamental axioms consistent across all organisations when it comes to trading with each other.   The most fundamental building block was having a seamless integration with their business system in order to automate online sales, distribution and fulfilment workflows.

We have learnt and understood the complexities of businesses operating together on a daily basis.  We have learned how they operate individually and within their various marketplaces of trade, both publicly and privately. It is with these experiences in mind that we are building new tools to transform the world in which we work, and play in.


Why SQUIZZ.com?

"Have a SQUIZZ at that!"  Famously quoted by Steve Irwin (Crocodile Hunter).  It’s an Australian word fondly regarded for taking a look at something or someone.  It’s to peer out at the world and hone in on a particular subject matter.  We love it because it symbolises the essence of what we are creating. A way to look, and search enthusiastically for information that is found around us.

We are proud of our Australian heritage from the larrikin to the publican.  The daring to the bold.  The resilient determination to see anything through.  We grew up with this lingo and it is part of who we are.  No matter where we look, we love that there is always something to have a SQUIZZ at.