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    Connect & Collaborate With People

    Connect with any people you know, work colleagues, business contacts, family, friends, then have unlimited group conversations, share messages and files, all securely without any of the pain using email, and without paying for any fees or user licenses. It's perfect for small to large teams, businesses, friends, families and any other groups you can think of.
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    Connect Businesses Together

    Connect with businessses personally or professionally, as well as allow businesses to connect with each other. Once connected, businesses can buy and sell with each other, pricing products and content based on individual relationships, in private or public marketplaces. It's perfect for small to enterprise sized busineses. from sole traders to governments, and everything in between.
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    Universally Integrate, Trade And Automate

    Integrate once, and trade smart with customers and suppliers. Businesses only need to connect their business systems into the platform once, then can leverage all the other connected business systems. This helps automate buying, selling, delivery, invoicing, payments, and other electronic data interchange (EDI) processes. Cut out the phone, fax, email, and manual data entry. Businesses will save costs, reduce errors and remove complexity for everyone, allowing people to focus on high value activities.
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    Stay In the Know With Notifications & Feeds

    Get notifications when things happen, allowing you to stay up do date on a personal or business level. Notifications are categorised, allowing for clear seperation of events. Businesses can push notifications into the platform allowing alerts from external systems to be centrally seen by selected staff. Additionally opt in to follow public and private feeds to receive any kinds of news from people and organisations you care about.
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